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Saturday, 1 November 2008

October Statistics & 600 Posts!

Welcome to the new monthly feature, where you can find out broken records and basically just interesting things about adventures through time and space, during the month that's gone past. Well, firstly we've already reached 600 Posts, in under one month from 500!!! Not bad going there, so that's good news! The visitors have also got more records. We've now just broken the 30,000 page hit boundary, which is excellent. The number of visitors a day is also increasing. The number of unique visitors is very varied, but on Thursday we got over 200, but we've had much larger numbers over the last 31 days. On Wednesday, we broke the amount of page views in one day barrier, with 599 in just that day! The average page hits a day has also now increased to well over 400. And thank you to all those returning visitors out there, as in the past two days, we had just under 60! At the start of the month, we were just working towards 40 a day! In page news, the competition page is very active at the moment with an average of 2 new questions for A Classic Monster each day! Thank You to everyone who enters these! New banners have been put on all the pages, and series guides of all three shows updated into new separate pages. I hope you like them this way. Pages such as character guides, classic series and pictures will be updated some time in December when I have time, so don't think they are just sitting there for nothing! Until 8th November though, there will be a lack of updates, meaning no reviews, and not a lot of posts, so sorry about this, but exams come first. After this time, I will be writing site reviews you have asked for. The sidebar has had a bit of a change recently, with the search bar nearer the top, so you can find what you need easily. Polls will not be so frequent now, but I can assure you that there will be some in the future. 'SJA Watch' has turned into 'who's on tv?', so will consist of all three shows, and not just one, when they are on. A new feature is the recent page updates gadget. This, by the name, shows you what the latest updates to our site pages are, which should be useful, hopefully. The banner competition has now closed, but there are going to be two winners. This month, they will swap every week, so you can see both.
Remember if there are any queries or if you have any suggestions towards the site, please do contact me, either by the chat box or email, and I will always be friendly to you! Honest!
Thanks for Reading!


Kyle said...

Great Banner
That one deserves to win. Congrats on 600 posts and 30,000 hits
Doctor Who Mad Online

TOCS said...

Very interesting post, well done :)


Anonymous said...

brilliant banner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

adv said...

Thank You tocs!

Zobles said...

Great post, ur site is doing well!

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