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Saturday, 15 November 2008

The Review Page Opens...

You may have noticed that I am updating every single page on the site to its highest standard, and I can tell you that it is going well! On the page bar just under the banner, you can see what pages have been completed and which haven't, and you may have seen two new pages. One is still under construction, and the other, as I'm pleased to tell you, is now open. It is the review page, and I will be writing reviews for various different things. The page is still in its early days yet, so there aren't as many up as there could be yet. I've just spent time working on reviews of the five inch radio controlled Davros figure, and the Adipose Plush that I had bought not so long ago. I hope you enjoy reading these, as well as a review of the Cardiff Exhibition, that was also posted on this main page. There is also a section on first reactions to episodes of Doctor Who, and those start from The Sontaran Stratagem. I write these straight after the episode has aired, so I express my opinions and thoughts of the episode at first hand, rather than having a major think about it too much. They may look a bit un-neat though, as I wrote them in the old layout, at which time I didn't really know what I was doing! Just so there's no confusion, this page is completely separate from the Site Reviewer page, which should be the next page up. So, enjoy this new page, and I hope you enjoy new reviews in the future, after work on the other pages! Visit it here!
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TOCS said...

Cool page! :)


Adelle said...

Ah a dr who fan! im a dr who fan as well!!! i also like after you've gone they're some of my fave tv shows o-o
yea btw did you notice luke in the sontaran strategem is played by alex in after youve gone? LOL

adv said...

I like After You've Gone too! :)

Zobles said...

Cool page!