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Sunday, 23 November 2008

Surviving an Interview

The Daily Telegraph yesterday posted an interview with Freema Agyeman, who played Martha Jones in two series of Doctor Who, and also three episodes of Torchwood. You can read the interview on The Daily Telegraph website here, and they talk about many things related to Doctor Who and her new role in Survivors (see lower down). They also talk about her role in Little Dorrit that is on television at the moment, on BBC One. Below you can read a short snippet;

Survivors’ dystopian world sounds much more frightening than even the scariest scenarios in Doctor Who. “Doctor Who was a good warm-up,” Agyeman says. “You’d be running around on the edge of cliff, chased by someone holding a fake monster on the end of stick. At first you would feel silly, but you quickly learn to go for it, to feel the terror of the moment. In Survivors, although it is much more serious, I tried to imagine the loss and loneliness Jenny is feeling in that moment.”
Starring Freema, Survivors starts tonight on BBC One for a six part run. It is on from 9:30pm to 10pm, and she plays a teacher called Jenny Collins. The programme is a remake of the original that was broadcast back in 1975-77. The first series was created by Terry Nation, who also wrote many episodes of Doctor Who in the Classic Series, and he also created the Daleks! Will you watch Survivors tonight?
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Doctor Who Mad Online said...

Great post, there are a lot of interviews lately.

Doctor Who Mad Online

TOCS said...

Cool, I like Freema, she's a great lady.


Zobles said...

Thats a cool interview.