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Sunday, 2 November 2008

Torchwood Wave 1 Figures - Packaging

Pictures of the packaging, thanks to SciFi Collector, for the new Torchwood figures has now been released. The first wave, which these pictures are of, consist of the figures Captain Jack Harkness, Gwen Cooper, Cyberwoman and a Weevil. Note that a packaging picture for Captain Jack has not yet been released. The packaging is quite different from the Doctor Who ones, and is mostly in a yellow colour, and has a picture of the character in the bottom left. The actual figure is in the middle and in blister packaging. The Torchwood logo is spread across the top with 'Poseable Action Figures' written underneath. The 'T' logo is also on it, in the middle. The figures are highly detailed, just like the Doctor Who ones, and are fully articulated. The pictures of all the figures can be seen here, on their website. What do you think?
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Doctor Who Mad Online said...

Great Post Alex
I won't be getting these but they look really good for anyone who will
Doctor Who Mad Online

Zobles said...

I love that packaging, and cant wait to get my hands on these figures.

Tardis Base