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Monday, 17 November 2008

What About John?

John Barrowman's new single, What About Us? has been released today across the UK and Ireland. It should be avaliable in most music shops like HMV, but it is also avaliable for download of iTunes for the price of £0.79 You can view it on iTunes here! You can see the cover for the album above. The full album Music, Music, Music will be avaliable next Monday, and includes this track. Will you buy the CD?
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Hammurabi's Creator said...

Hurray!!! Doctor Who is awesome...I'm not a fan of much else, but I was too lazy to scroll down to the rest of the blog...hehe...

Only a month till more Doctor Who comes out!!!

David Tennant rocks!!!

Brad said...


TOCS said...

I like the song, but won't buy it.


Zobles said...

I really like this song :D