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Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Activity Annual 2009

Information and the cover has been revealed for the release of the 2009 Activity Annual. There have been some in previous years, but now this is the latest one. The cover features the Doctor, on his own, like he will be mostly in the 2009 Specials, but finds a different companion for each episode. Behind him is the Tardis, and an old promotional background, also used for Series 1. The book is paperback, and comes free with a Doctor Who pen, that you can use to write and draw things with inside. There are 64 pages included and will be sold at the RRP price of £5.99. It will be released on 9th April 2009. Many other fun paperback books are out now, and for children, these are quite fun.


Zobles said...

This looks cool, I may get it. Keep up the good work :D