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Monday, 1 December 2008

Adventure Calendar 2008

The BBC Site has been updated for Christmas. Just like the last two previous years, an online advent calendar is shown on the main page. This time, it's for The Next Doctor, due to be shown on Christmas Day. With the new layout on the site, the calendar looks much better than before, just a bit smaller. The picture shows both Doctors, the new Cyber Leader and Miss Hartigan, some of the stars of the festive episode. There is snow falling, and the days look different from previous years. They're all in dotted squares, and with each day that opens, when you hover over the day, it opens like a door, with a picture behind. Each day this December, a new feature will be added and linked to, all the way to Christmas day. Let's hope everything will be as good or even better than last year!
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TOCS said...

Great, I'm gonna have a look now.