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Thursday, 18 December 2008

Captain Jack's Vortex Manipulator

At last, we will be able to buy Captain Jack's trusty gadget, after seeing it so many times, and wanting a toy just like it. The gadget featured on Jack's wrist since Series 1, from The Empty Child to Journey's End, and many episodes of Torchwood also. Forbidden Planet have now revealed an image and released information about the upcoming piece of merchandise. You can view the picture of it to the right, and also, with the toy, it actually includes a mini Sonic Screwdriver. The screwdriver looks slightly different to previous versions released before, and the centre part looks darker, like the original prop. The head of it also glows blue, probably powered when a button is pressed, but we do not know yet whether it has any kind of sound effects. The Vortex manipulator also has features. It lights up in one place, blue, has an adjustable strap and removable cover. We do not know yet what material it is made of. The original prop was leather, but I doubt tht this will be, as it is only a children's toy. It is due for release on Friday the 30th of January, at the RRP price of £14.99.