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Saturday, 6 December 2008

Cards for Christmas

The BBC Doctor Who Advent Calendar has opened its sixth door today, marking the date, the 6th of December. Today's feature is a set of new Christmas Cards. You are able to print them off, cut them, stick them and all else, oh, and folding, and make fantastic cards to give to all your friends and family! All the cards show promotional pictures, not yet released as proper images, on the front covers of all cards. There are four of them in total. The first shows both Doctors, Miss Hartigan, the Cyber Leader and a normal Cyberman. The second has a picture of Miss Hartigan. The third, the original Doctor, and the fourth shows the Cyber Leader, with two ordinary Cybermen by his side. Here are the links to print them off: No.1 - No.2 - No.3 - No.4. Or if you want to visit the page on the site with all of them on, click here.

You can see the advent calendar on the main page here.
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