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Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Cyber Leader Voice Changer

Before, you could turn yourself into a simple Cyberman, then you were able to upgrade to the Cyber Controller, become Dalek Sec Hybrid, turn into its true form with Dalek Sec, become a normal Dalek, and then show your true colours with the Supreme Dalek, but now, with this new helmet, you can become the Cyber Leader! This version of the Cyber Leader appears in this year's Christmas special, The Next Doctor (broadcast on Christmas Day), and so is already quite early for a picture to be released of the product. The new-look Cyber Leader differs from previous ones seen in The Age of Steel, Army of Ghosts and Doomsday, because most of the front, and mor of the top is black. Before, just the handles were. There are different setting for use. You can just use it as a normal voice changer or pree a button and hear phrases that should be heard in The Next Doctor, spoken by the metal fiend. There may be a sound effects button as well, like there was on the Cyberman one reviously released. There is no price or release date for the item, but it is rumoured to be put first on sale at the very end of this month, the 31st December. The Cyber King will also feature in the special, so do you think we might get a helmet for that too? You can view the full picture of the helmet here.