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Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Doctor Who Adventures 95

This week's issue of Doctor Who Adventures, issue 95, will be released tomorrow around the UK. The magazine costs £2.99, and comes free with a bumper gift pack comprising of a monster popper folder, a set of colouring pencils, an eraser and a sketch pad. It is the bumper Christmas special, and will be around for two weeks before the next issue, and will be bigger, and better than normal issues! Posters inside include many images from The Next Doctor, Dalek Sec and a Cyberwreath. Inside are many features and previews for the Christmas special, how to make a webstar, and a chance to win many, many Doctor Who goodies! You can see the cover to the right, and click to enlarge, and below is the official press release from the BBC;

The bumper Christmas special!

The wait for the Doctor’s amazing new Christmas adventure is almost over! To celebrate, this week’s Doctor Who Adventures magazine has an exclusive preview of ‘The Next Doctor’.

The bumper Christmas special of Doctor Who Adventures magazine goes on sale 18th December. It’s packed full of exciting Doctor Who news, monster facts, and Christmas treats. Coverage of the Christmas adventure includes:
  • A special Christmas preview featuring exclusive pictures of the new Cyber monsters, the mysterious other Doctor and evil Miss Hartigan!
  • A photo-story of the first two action-packed minutes of The Next Doctor.
  • Exclusive posters of the new monsters, the Cybermen and the two Doctors.
  • A Time Agent tracker for readers to rate the Christmas episode.
The bumper issue also contains a mega competition to win loads of Who goodies, a Cyberman mask, a massive Christmas quiz, a special festive comic and the best posters in the universe! The magazine also comes with a Christmas bumper gift pack containing a monster popper folder, a set of colouring pencils, an eraser and a sketch pad.

The Christmas bumper special of Doctor Who Adventures is on sale 18th Dec 2008 – 1st Jan 2009. Miss it and miss out!

Remember to get this issue before the first of January, when the ninety-sixth issue will be out.