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Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Festive Monster File

The BBC Doctor Who Advent Calendar has opened its ninth door today, marking the date, the 9th of December. Today's feature is a new monster file for Christmas. Captain Jack (John Barrowman), who has narrated many other files for the site, which were put up after each episode of Series 4, does the same for this video. The file is mostly set in a festive room in a normal house, with a family and a fire, but they start to get strange presents, relating to past Christmas episodes, and Captain Jack and clips are shown on the television they have in the room. It's actually a great piece of drama, showing many useful facts, and at the end of it, we have a sneak preview of Christmas, but these clips are not really anything we haven't seen before. The video has not been added onto the video page, but you can see it here, from the link on the advent calendar.
You can see the advent calendar on the main page here.