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Friday, 19 December 2008

Jobsworth Judoon

The BBC Doctor Who Advent Calendar has opened its ninteenth door today, marking the date, the 19th December. Today's feature is another fun game to play! The game is called Jobsworth Judoon. The main aim of the game is for the Doctor to use his Sonic Screwdriver to break the security codes made by the Judoon on the Tardis so that The Doctor can escape. It is a game of strategy, where you have to join a link up, and actually requires some skill, rather than just making the Doctor run around everwhere battling monsters. It is a good game, and has three settings; Easy, Medium and Hard, and each has three levels. You can play the new game here.
You can see all days of the advent calendar on the main page here.


Anonymous said...

this game is boring and easy