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Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Journal of Impossible Things

As reported not long ago, a new product will be released soon, that is the Journal of Impossible Things. The book featured in the two-parter of Series 3, Human Nature and The Family of Blood. Forbidden Planet have now revealed the cover and released information about the upcoming piece of merchandise. You can view the picture of it to the right, and also, with the Journal, it actually includes a mini Sonic Screwdriver. The screwdriver looks slightly different to previous versions released before, and the centre part looks darker, like the original prop. The head of it also glows blue, probably powered when a button is pressed, but we do not know yet whether it has any kind of sound effects. The book looks amazing. It is A5 sized, and has many, many pages with complete detail and pictures, and looks exactly like the real thing. It looks as if the cover may be made of leather, but this is still unconfirmed. There are blank pages also included, and you are able to use the Sonic Screwdriver (which is actually a pen as well), to write on these pages. It is due for release on Friday the 30th of January, at the RRP price of £9.99, which is actually a very good price, considering the content.


Ro Lean said...

Now this is something worth buying!!!

Wow! Own this, and the watch, and it'll be amazing!!

Children of TARDIS

thedoctorwho07 said...

Revealed the cover? Do you mean revealed the picture?