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Saturday, 20 December 2008

The Last Post of 2008...

I told you about this yesterday, and yes, it is still going to happen. Adventures Through Time and Space will be closed until 2009, with no updates. Christmas is a big thing in the year, and, to be honest, the least thing I would like to be doing is sitting in front of a computer on the day, rather than having all these festive things I want to do. I don't want the site to spoil my day, but not that it will of course. You may have thought that it would be a better idea to close it from 24th to the 26th, but now I will tell you why not. Early tomorrow morning, I will be going away to London for two days, and so obviously I won't be able to update. Then, on 23rd, I'm sure I won't want to, but just have a really fun day, two days before the day. Then, the 24th is a big day, as well as the 26th, and of course the 25th is too, not saying why. The 27th will probably be a bit like the 23rd. And then, on the 28th, the site will be closed with no access at all. This means that you will not be able to view anything, as I want to make it ready to re-open for 2009, all tidied up, and fresh for a new year. I hope you feel that this is the right thing to do, as I certainly do! I do need that long-awaited break!

With this temporary closure, it means no more Competitions until the New Year, no site reviews, nothing updated, apart from one thing, that would be silly to close. The Advent Calendar will be running as normal, but don't expect a big thing on Christmas Day. It will probably just be a 'Merry Christmas!' message, but I doubt you'll want to visit the site on that day, and you should have too many other things to be doing! So a thing you might quite enjoy will be on the 24th. There isn't really much else to say really. I may still be able to talk a little bit on the chat page and so on, but not much really. I will still read comments, and please, please vote on the awards. And if you can vote on every section, that would be great!

I hope you all do have a wonderful, jolly Christmas! Get lots of presents from Santa, enjoy your Christmas Lunch, sing carols and whatever else you may do. And, of course, don't forget the Christmas special at 6:00pm on the day. Don't miss it! Thank You for a wonderful eight months with the site, and I will see you in 11 and a bit days!

Oh, and one last thing, there are so many other sites to visit over Christmas which will be having all the news you need, and so here is a list of some of the great sites for news, in no order, and sorry if I have missed anyone out!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Until 2009...

~ Adv (Owner and Editor)


Brad said...

It's a shame about closing but at least its for only a few days. Thanks for the mention.

Gallifrey Vortex

Anonymous said...

Adv, just in case I don't get the chance to say this personally, during a Cbox chat - though I hope I do! - I wish you a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS and NEW YEAR!

Believe it or not, it's thanks to you that I actually opened a Blogger account and started building Children of TARDIS.

Back in the old days (hehe, ok, a few months back really) I wrote to you about my other Doctor Who site (IMTU) and asked for some advice, if I recall properly. Well, as I visited your site it made me realise that Blogger was a better way to build a website.

Oh, this is getting to be an autobiography. Sorry, adv. Anyway, straight to the point of this - ATTS was an inspiration, so ... thanks for that!

Phew! I got there in the end :)

adv said...

Awwwww, thanks Ro!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you too!

Jamie123 said...

Merry Christmas Adv!, and Thanks for the link! Jamie, Timelords Vs Daleks!

Brad said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Toys said...


Miss Gallifrey said...


Miss Gallifrey here. Would you like to become an Admin of Through The Void? There are a lot already, but I was wondering if you would like to become one. URL is http://through-the-void.blogspot.com. If you would like to then please let me know either on The Bad Wolf TV or Through The Void. Thank you!