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Saturday, 6 December 2008

The Nemonite Invasion - Cover

Previously reported was the news on the release of the new audio CD, The Nemonite Invasion, but we had no details or covers. Now, thanks to Doctor Who Online, we have the full cover, and a bit more information than we had before. Even though Donna has now left the Doctor in the series, she is still in this audio, and it has now been confirmed that the whole thing will be read by her! And the Doctor is the same as he was, the 10th Doctor, even if we don't hear his voice throughout it. No synopsis has been released for the product yet, but we can assume that it won't be long until it will be. We now know that the CD will be avaliable in the UK and Ireland on the 12th of February next year, with the RRP price of £9.99. You can see the full cover here!


Anonymous said...

That's a brilliant cover. I'm so going to be buying that!

Anonymous said...

The Forever Trap is my fave audiobook. I can't wait.