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Tuesday, 9 December 2008

The Next Doctor - DVD Cover

After the first pictures of a cover for the DVD release of The Next Doctor, the version that we saw was actually the real one we would be getting! The picture was first published in Electric Virgin's online magazine, but was very small. We could make out what was on it, but we didn't officially know if it was genuine. We now have a large cover of it, but nothing much is given away by it. Each year, the have a different background design of the DVD, and this time, it's mostly stormy clouds and rays, giving it a dramatic look. Other differences include the two stars of the episode, David Tennant and Morrissey, and their names features in the Doctor Who font, also on the cover. This has not happened before. Apart from the main feature, which we haven't seen yet, there will be a special feature, like other Christmas DVDs, this time of the Doctor Who Prom Highlights, which is due for first showing on New Year's Day, the 1st of January 2009, including the specially-filmed scene, Music of the Spheres. You can see the cover to the left. The DVD will be released as a one disc pack on the 19th of January next year, at the RRP price of £15.99.