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Thursday, 11 December 2008

Part 2 of Gallows Gate

The BBC Doctor Who Advent Calendar has opened its eleventh door today, marking the date, the 11th December. Today's feature is the second part of the story called Number 1, Gallows Gate Road. The first part of the story was behind door four. It is written by Rupert Laight, and the illustrations for the story are by Brian Williamson. You can see this story here, or view a snippet of it below;

'Never mind all that,' said the Doctor, turning to address a full dining room. He'd summoned every member of the household to a meeting, Robert at his side. 'You're all in deadly danger. A force in this house is sucking away your potential, like a sponge absorbs water, and not one of you is capable of the teensiest hint of motivation or - '

'How dare you!' interrupted the Major. 'I could walk out that front door this very minute and achieve anything I put my mind to. We all could.'

'Go on then!' urged the Doctor.'

You can see the advent calendar on the main page here.


Zobles said...

This story is pretty cool!