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Thursday, 18 December 2008

Prom Preview

The BBC Doctor Who Advent Calendar has opened its eighteenth door today, marking the date, the 18th December. Today's feature is an exclusive clip (or trailer), of the Doctor Who Prom. The whole program will be broadcast onto our screens on New Year's Day, on BBC One at the time of 1:50pm to 2:50pm. The event was part of the BBC Proms, and was held inside the Royal Albert Hall on 27th July this year, and was hosted by Freema Agyeman. The version we will see will be cut, with just the main highlights, to one hour long. On the red button after broadcast you can watch an extended edition which is fifteen minutes longer, while the whole thing shall be on the DVD release of The Next Doctor, out in January. This preview shows part of the piece 'All the Strange, Strange Creatures', and monsters such as the Cybermen, Judoon and the Sontarans walked around scaring everyone as the music was being played. The whole clip is aproximately one minute, thirty-four seconds long, but bear in mind that this is not the complete tune. They say it is a trailer, but it doesn't really look like one! Watch it here. If it is uploaded onto Youtube soon, I will put it on here as soon as possible.
You can see all days of the advent calendar on the main page here.