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Monday, 8 December 2008

Site News

This post is a bunch of different pieces of news about the site, that I would like to tell you about. Most of which is the layout. I will not be changing that actual layout at all, to let you know, but over the past week and a bit, you may have started to have seen some changes to the overall look. For a start, the logo for the site has changed, making it feel fresher, and new banners more regularly shouldn't make you bored with one, but has variety, so every now and then, you can view the site under different colours. Fonts and colours have changed on the main page. The post title has changed font and colour, but I do not know yet whether this will be just for Christmas or permanent. Something that is temporary, is the red background to the sidebar titles. After Christmas, this will turn back to its original black. Posts now have a retangle, larger picture at the top of the post, instead of the square one, which makes it easier to see which post is which. This may vary, though, meaning sometimes there will be square ones, when I can't use Photobucket, but that should look ok. The sidebar is slowly being adjusted, to make it neater, including the archivew which has been changed to just months, to take up less space. Something that really should look good, is the page links under the banner. These have been through a lot of hard work, in fact, using html, but let's not go any further. Well, the text kept on going the wrong sizes, but doesn't it look great now? The font has changed, and instead of a '-' inbetween each page, we have a '|', which is also blue, which looks really good and clear. Everything has been chnged from lower case here as well, including all the pages' titles on your browser. As ATTS is becoming much bigger, we thought that having big letter at the start of each word was deserved, although the text on the banners are still in lower case. The Merry Christmas page has been updated at last, after long thinking for the page. Two new days have been put up, and I hope you like today's, as it took a long time. Your kind words have satisfies me more than enough, so thank you! Monster and Villain Files is the page that is at this moment being updated, and many more files and being written, including nearly re-writing all the old ones, so this may take a while. So, thats told you a bit, and I hope you like how the site's looking. We want it looking its best for the start of next year, so that starts here...


TOCS said...

Great site updates, :)