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Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Time Squad

One of the new things Character Options are bringing out next year are the new 'Time Squad' figures. They are figures of the normal friends and enemies there have been in the new series, but these are a bit different. Instead of them trying to look exactly like the real thing (but in small form), they are designed in a very much cartoony way. This makes them look as if a stylish artist has drawn them, and they certainly do look different! And not in a bad way. They are slightly squashed, so their middle section is shorter. This is shown with a Dalek. There are normally quite a few  sense spheres on the bottom, but these new figures have only two. These are very creative and inventive items that Character are bringing out, and they should work well. At the moment, fifteen figures have been confirmed, and they are the Doctor, Davros, a Dalek, the Supreme Dalek, Dalek Sec, a Cyberman, a Weeping Angel, a Clockwork robot, a Sycorax, a Sontaran, a Pyrovile, a Slitheen, an Ood, a Scarecrow and Vashta Nerada. These are due to be released in the UK and Ireland next month, January, and sold in packs of two or five. They would be too small for one each, and a waste of packaging. No price has been decided, but we'll keep you updated. You can see the first picture of the new set above, thanks to Doctor Who Toys.
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TOCS said...

Those look really odd... Or should I say Ood...