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Tuesday, 9 December 2008

What Lies In Store for 2009?

An extract from the Radio Times Christmas Issue tells us more about the 2009 Specials, and it all looks very, very, in fact, terribly exciting! Well, I won't say any more, just have a read;

"The first adventure, to be shown in only a few months' time, promises to be the Time Lord's wildest, maddest yet. He won't just be traveling without a companion - he'll be without the TARDIS too.
After that, we'll be heading towards the monumentous day when the key to the blue box is passed on and the 11th Doctor storms into your lives. Just think of the adventures to come. Though you'll still have Daid at the helm of the Tardis this time next year. But oh, what a Christmas that's going to be. Let's just say that the dark forces are gathering already. The Gate is waiting, and life will never be the same again..."

So, what do you think? Express your thoughts in the comments, if you want to!


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