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Thursday, 18 December 2008

Hartigan Speaks!

A source has posted an interview with Dervla Kirwan. She plays the characters of Miss Hartigan in this year's Christmas special, The Next Doctor. Dervla Kirwan's talk has been put up on the Telegraph website, and they talk about her character in The Next Doctor, and all about her life, and her acting, as well as her voice-over on the M&S adverts, for an example. Below you can read a short snippet;

Is she prepared for the surge of excitement that accompanies the Doctor Who Christmas special?
'I'm not sure. I know people feel passionate about it. It was such a fun thing to do, although slightly odd in that grown men are wandering around dressed up in plastic suits. The assistant director has to say the lines as no one can speak through the layers of plastic.' She has worked with David Tennant before in Casanova, where she played his mother, and with the writer Russell T Davies. 'I don't think I get the phenomenon as much as some people do,' she says, 'but I will be proud to show my children, when they are older, that I played an evil woman in charge of the Cybermen. That's pretty cool, isn't it?'