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Wednesday, 30 April 2008

The Poison Sky - BBC Site

The BBC Doctor Who site has been updated again to reflect

 this week's episode 'The Poison Sky’. Again there are new wallpapers, new jigsaw, fear

 forecast, trailers and picture for the homepage.


The Fear Factor for The Poison Sky is 4/5 - chilling

Here is the part of the script revealed:

Donna: God, the airs


Doctor: It’s not so bad for me - go on, get inside the TARDIS-
(holds out key)
Oh. Never

 given you a key. Keep that, go on. That’s yours. Quite a big

 moment really.

Donna: Yeah, maybe we can get sentimental after the

 worlds finished chocking to death.

And the picture of the jigsaw:

These are from digital spy, and

 two of them are red- herrings:

  • Donna's mother Sylvia wields an axe.
  • A jellyfish-like Rutan army makes an appearance (via a Sontaran flashback).
  • The Sontarans steal the TARDIS.
  • UNIT prepare to launch a nuclear strike.
  • Donna kills a Sontaran via the probic vent and booms out "back of the neck!"
  • The Valiant is put to good use by Colonel Mace.
  • The current whereabouts (and official title) of Alastair Lethbridge-Stewart are revealed.
  • Donna punches the real Martha in the face - believing her to be the clone.
  • Luke has devised a mating programme for his genius recruits.
  • The Doctor puts on a gas mask to combat the poisonous sky and squeals "are you my mummy?"

 Here is the Fear Forecast:

  • 1 min - "After all that time!" sighs Samuel in relief. Harry cheers "Yay, xxxxx (Donna?) saves the day!"
  • 2 min - Samuel remembers how that worked in a previous series: "I bet the password's xxxxxxx." (Buffalo?) "That looks like a PDA," muses Samuel. "No, you can't have one," says Mum firmly.
  • 3 min - "I like that one!" says Amy, pointing at xxxxx. (Skorr?) Harry looks at her in disbelief. "They're not very politically correct," grins Adam.
  • 4 min - "But where's the real Martha? Is she OK?" asks Amy, concerned. Meanwhile, the Doctor gives Donna a xxxxxx xxx. (TARDIS key?) Her indifferent reaction amuses the kids.
  • 5 min - "They're like robots!" observes Samuel. Then he's shocked: "They're xxxxxxx (nicking?) the TARDIS!" Adam's impressed, "Cool!"
  • 6 min - Harry and Amy laugh at Donna's reaction. "Lucky the TARDIS doors aren't creaky," Adam thinks.
  • 7 min - "She's a clone," states Amy with authority, and gives "xxxxxx" (Martha?) a hard stare.
  • 8 min - Adam's puzzled: "What's xxxxxx-x?" Dad groans "What are they teaching kids in Political Science these days?"
  • 10 min - "It's xoxmy xoox!" (Tommy Zoom?) yell Harry and Amy simultaneously, and they laugh.
  • 12 min - The family are shocked when xxxx (Luke?) produces a xxx. (Gun?) "He's really got some social problems," decides Adam. "He's a loony!" whispers Harry.
  • 13 min - Amy's unnerved by the xxx. (Gun?)
  • 15 min - "More tears," notes Samuel sadly. Adam is sympathetic, "She takes it quite emotionally." Amy and Harry hold Mum's hand.
  • 16 min - "Wouldn't that make it flammable, like petrol?" asks Adam. Harry leans forward anxiously, "Something bad is about to happen..."
  • 17 min - "They're going to eat them!" gasps Adam. Samuel says "Germany must be too busy." "Shush!" shouts Amy.
  • 20 min - "It sounds like LaserQuest!" decides Samuel. Adam shares UNIT's frustration, "That must get really annoying after a while!" Amy begins to edge off the sofa...
  • 21 min - "He was with the xxxxx (third?) Doctor, wasn't he Dad?" asks Harry.
  • 22 min - "Woah, he's smart!" grins Adam. "Is he laughing?" asks Samuel. "Obviously not," Adam replies.
  • 23 min - "Because he's really old," says Samuel as though that explains everything. "He's over 900 years old."
  • 24 min - Amy's very nervous for Donna. "How will Donna hit the xxxxxx xxxx?" (probic vent?) asks Adam.
  • 25 min - "But she's got five fingers!" complains Amy. Adam and Samuel make Mr Spock hands at each other.
  • 26 min - Made of steel! And Amy's unnerved by a familiar question "xxx xxx xx xxxxx?" (Are you my mummy?)
  • 28 min - Amy's looking even more worried. "Isn't that the Master's xxxxxxxxx?" (trademark?) "Wahey!" grins Samuel. The boys love it!
  • 33 min - A big cheer when the Doctor xxxxxxx (Rescues?) Donna!
  • 34 min - "Wowww!" gasps Samuel. The older boys fake a coughing fit. Harry and Amy are distressed that Donna's Mum is xxxxxx. (Crying?)
  • 36 min - The whole world is xx xxxx! (On fire?)
  • 37 min - Captain Price xxxxxx Colonel Mace. Amy smiles warmly. Harry cringes "Ewww!" Samuel thinks it's hilarious. Adam says "Random!"
  • 39 min - Amy and Harry are on tenterhooks, expecting the worst...
  • 41 min - Adam remembers from before. "I wonder if it will start snowing?" Amy nods with satisfaction as Donna xxxxxx (Kisses?) the Doctor. 
  • 43 min - "Uh-oh!" say Adam and Samuel. And there's something familiar on the TARDIS floor... "The xxxx xx x xxx (Hand in a jar?) is going insane!" shouts Adam!


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