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Friday, 13 June 2008

Davros and Red Dalek Pictures!!!

Ok, before we start, I just want to say DON'T GET TOO OVEREXCITED!!! Sorry also if you don't want to be spoiled, but I had to put the pictures on properly!!!

I have a feeling these are not fake, because they look too real! Why do they look more like toys do you say? Well, I also have a feeling these are from the new Character Options range, because they said they would be bringing out a new Davros toy!!! So these should be real and they look so good!!! In the next sections I might just ramble on a bit, but please excuse that!


So, doesn't he look FANTASTIC!!! I mean, wow! He looks slightly older than in the classic series, due to the many wrinkles on his face, which is probably because he is a lot older now! From the trailer, he had a gold base, but strangely, in this he has got a black/silver one! Do you think they changed either the one in the trailer or this picture at the last minute? Who Knows! He has something quite strange over his head! He didn't use to have this in the old series, but is probably just something added on for newness (is that even a word?)! It also looks very like the one from the trailer because it has the same middle part (despite of it being a different colour!), and has a few lights! To compare it to the 'leaked pic' out not so long ago, the both seem to have a sort of metal claw for a hand, both seem to have the metal thing over his head and they both seem to have the same control panel! Actually, looking at them both now, the head and everything else hardly looks any different! Both got the same wrinkles down the neck, the same shape of mouth, nose shape, ear shape and everyhing! So I don't see why it can't be real!!! Well, I'm sure it must be! This is so exciting!!! Well, moving on...

Red Dalek

I'm not completely sure what to say about this! Apart from it is red, has three Dalek ear-lamps, has a new weapon, looks a bit different (has more amour), and is really really cool! Do you think that Davros has made this new Dalek? Is the insane rumour about Harriet Jones becoming a Red Dalek true? Well, keep watching to find out...

That's it from me now! Bye!