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Saturday, 28 June 2008

The Stolen Earth - After Broadcast

Wow, wasn't that PHENOMENAL!

So, the twelfth episode of Series 4, The Stolen Earth, has now aired on BBC One!

My Rating:

I wish the rating could be higher! But anyway, 5/5

Percentage: 98%

My Brief Overview:

For me, this is the best episode of Doctor Who EVER! I thought I’d start of that way, as it was absolutely amazing, stunning and breathtaking! I probably first want to talk about the regeneration (which was completely unexpected!), but I’ll try and work through the episode…


So the episode started off as the Doctor and Donna land on Earth, to find everything normal, and nothing happening YET! Until they go back into the TARDIS, and the Earth is stolen! They look out from the TARDIS, but then it’s just space, and the Earth is no more…

Until of course we see former companions and friends to the Doctor, looking up into the sky, and then Rose teleports into our universe, and states that ‘It’s only just beginning’, and we see many planets, like the Earth, stolen, in the sky, which in fact was great CGI!!!

Then we zoom into the credits… Did you see how many were credited: David Tennant, Catherine Tate, Freema Agyeman, John Barrowman, with Elizabeth Sladen, and Billie Piper! They just came on so quickly!

The Shadow Proclamation

Wasn’t it so exciting to see it for real, after it had been mentioned so much in the past? I was! The CGI on the outside was fantastic too! The inside was also great, and I loved how the Doctor spoke Judoon language! If any of you haven’t noticed, the interior was also the set of the Torchwood episode, ‘Dead Man Walking’, when they were in the hospital! I could be wrong, but it did look like it! And weren’t those albino women strange! And we finally found out about the bees disappearing! So, who’s going to die? ‘Donna’s loss…’


Didn’t that just send shivers down your spine as soon as you heard that from the signal, and it worried Jack, Sarah Jane and Martha a lot too, while Rose started to cry a little! It was great to see the Daleks rounding people up on the streets, while one man threw a brick at one of the Daleks! It seemed a lot like The Age of Steel, when the Cybermen were also rounding people up! That was hilarious with Wilf and the paint-ball gun! ‘My vision is NOT impaired!’ Looks like they have better technology now! And wasn’t it amazing having all the Dalek ships flying overhead, with them destroying everything! That was amazing in New York, with all the buildings blowing up!


He was so stupendous! I loved how he looked! It would have been a bit better if we had seen more of him in this episode, but I’m sure that there’s a lot more to come in Journey’s End! Wasn’t it disgusting that all the Daleks were made from him, using his cells! Definitely when he opened his top, and saw what we saw inside!

Dalek Caan

Didn’t he look a bit different this time! I’m still not quite sure why he was all chained up and destroyed, but we’ll probably find out soon! I thought he was the one with the low voice! Oh, maybe not, but he had such a high voice in this! He also must have had all his emotions taken out, because at one point he actually laughed!

‘Calling… The Doctor!’

This was a splendid bit, when the combined forces with Mr. Smith and the rift, to make the phone call, using every phone in the world! And they reached the Doctor, and he followed the signal! I loved the music in this as well, and the beams going up the Cardiff Bay water tower! And then out of the world…


There are so many questions that follow this! But anyway, The Doctor lays eyes on Rose again, and it’s such an emotional moment! They run to each other, and then we see a Dalek, who then cries ‘EXTERMINATE!’ and shoots the Doctor. But if you see, it didn’t completely hit the Doctor, because normally, the beam ends as soon as it hits someone, but in this, it hits about half of the Doctor, and then bounces off him! And surely if he had been shot properly, the Doctor wouldn’t have been awake afterwards, but dead until he regenerated! So then they stumble back to the TARDIS, and Jack tells Rose and Donna to get away from him, and then he bursts into light, and then it says TO BE CONTINUED! How annoying is that! But David Tennant cannot leave, as he’s doing the specials! He’s even seen filming! So what’s going to happen! Some rumours have been saying that he’s going to regenerate into somebody else, and then regenerate back, but I think that it will either be a half regeneration, or it has to be stopped half way for some unknown reason! Well, we’ve only got a week to find out!

The Music

In this episode, the music was marvelous! Including some old classics like Rose’s Theme, The Doctor’s Theme, Rose in Peril, Variations on All the Strange Strange Creatures, and a few others! There were many new ones, for action scenes and stuff! I loved the new Davros Theme! It was very eerie and strange! Play it again to hear it, but it’s heard whenever we see him!

So that’s enough waffling from me, so you in a week, where I’m sure I’ll have a lot to write about!

Hints of the Series 4 Story Arc:

Well, it was the story Arc, so nothing really, but many questions were answered! This is what we had been building up for!

Next Time:

Unfortunately, there was no next time this week!

Please comment and vote on the episode. Thanks!