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Sunday, 29 June 2008

The Stolen Earth - SFX Review

Link to the full review - SFX Stolen Earth Review

Did you feel the Earth move? Was it a unified, seismic fangasm or seven million viewers falling off the edge of their seats? Probably both. After two episodes proving that he can write taut, edgy, ideas-lead sci fi with the best of ’em, RTD returns to his patented crowd-pleasing, script pyrotechnics in an episode packed with moments that make you go, "Oooooooohhhh!" The returning guest stars all get some meaty moments in the spotlight; Davros is back and creepier than ever (with a fine, restrained performance from Julian Bleach); some of the FX are just outstanding; the pace is breathless; and the dialogue explodes with punchy one liners and audacious continuity references (who'd’ve thought Mr Copper would get a mention?).

Packing all this in does leave the episode feeling occasionally more like an extended movie trailer as Russell resorts to some incredibly broad strokes to kick the plot along; the "call the Doctor" solution borders on cheese while the trail of bees is handier than a sentient Black and Decker workmate. Some character moments don’t quite convince, being dropped into the action like little "emotion bombs" with little time to develop amongst the avalanche of revelations. And the Shadow Proclamation – a couple of women in an office block foyer who seriously need to lay off the peroxide – is a severe disappointment after all the foreshadowing. Good to see the Judoon again, though....'

 - Thanks to Dave Golder at SFX