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Wednesday, 25 June 2008

The Stolen Earth - Newsround Review

Picking straight up from the end of Turn Left, when the Doctor realised that the whole universe was in grave danger, The Stolen Earth hurtles along at a frantic pace, squeezing more into 45 minutes than most double parters manage in twice the time.

The Earth has been stolen away, and the planet has never needed his help more. The people who know the Doctor best all band together in a last desperate attempt to find him, and to fight the advancing enemy.

The enemy are, of course, the Daleks who return for the first time this series. And it's great seeing them back at their terrifying best. Exterminating everything in sight, and forcing the earth into surrender, with the help of someone from their past.

Deadliest threat

This episode also links together several themes that have been developing throughout the series. From other disappearing planets to the vanishing bees.

But the best part of it is seeing so many friends from the Doctor's past linking up for the first time and working together to fight the deadliest threat they've faced yet.

Just like last week's episode, people who've followed all the goings on in the Who-niverse over the last four years will love the way that so many different themes and characters combine to create one of the best episodes of the series.


Because it's the first part of a two-part story, a fair amount of time is spent setting things up which will, no doubt, pay off in the final episode of the series.

But even so, it's a cracking adventure that will delight most Who fans, while still leaving them desperate to know how it's all going to end in the hour-long finale a week later.

Four and a half out of five