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Wednesday, 25 June 2008

The Ten Doctors

The Ten Doctors by Richard Morris. is a work of speculative fan fiction. Doctor Who and all characters featured are absolutely, definitely and completely (c) the BBC.

This stole away an hour of my night last night so it’s time to share. Richard Morris has spent 15 months to give us 102 pages of Dr Who comics. (And he’s not done yet!) This is just the ultimate fan’s idea of “how can I get everyone into one Doctor Who comic?” and features all 10 doctors, plus companions, plus enemies galore.

It’s such fun to start with as it quickly introduces the huge cast, with each doctor arriving in a flurry of stereotyped clothing, speech and mannerisms. Morris obviously has an extensive fan’s knowledge and uses it along with a fine sense of humour to produce a great series of pages (at least in the early days of the strip). It’s absolutely great fun at first, but once the novelty of cramming every new character in with a few funny gags along the way, it gets a little clunky as the attempt to hang a proper story on the extensive cast proves a little too much to handle.

The Ten Doctors is presented in pencilled rough form with a cartooning style that’s nice and tight, caricaturing the cast perfectly and with great fondness. Some of the earlier strips are also presented in a finished, inked and coloured version which wouldn’t be out of place in the Doctor Who Magazine. In fact, it’s just crying out for serialisation in Doctor Who Adventures surely?