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Sunday, 15 June 2008

Turn Left - Next Time

Wow, this was better than the episode itself!!! How exciting does this look! Here are a few bullet points of the trailer:

  • The Doctor is "dead." He is seen covered up and his screwdriver rolls out of his hand.
  • Donna says, "How can anything be worse than this?" This implies things are pretty bad.
  • Rose runs saying, "What happened, what did they find?"
  • Wilf says that the stars are going out.
  • A strange noise is heard and something seems to be approaching Donna. (a spider?)
  • A woman says to Donna, "there is something on your back!" Donna is then seen looking in a mirror, panicking.
  • Donna is being ordered to turn around and show her back. When she does, the UNIT officer looks a bit shocked.
  • Rose said, "I've been pulled across from another universe because every single universe is in danger."
  • Rose said to someone (possibly Donna) "None of this was meant to happen, you're gonna die."
  • An explosion is seen, perhaps to do with UNIT or the enemies (Daleks/Davros)
  • Donna is then surrounded by bright lights perhaps to try and discover what is on her back.
I literally can not wait 'till next week!!! [Looks at watch] Groan!