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Friday, 4 July 2008

Daleks Invade the Art World!

Department Six extends its portfolio this month when a new collection of exclusive Doctor Who art work is released for sale.

With universal appeal, these exclusive, premium quality limited edition prints are a must have and make an ideal gift for any Doctor Who fan or collector of art.

Inspired by the scripts, these iconic illustrations are integral to the process behind the scenes of Doctor Who. They are the first design visuals of the final images we see on our television screens.

Created for Russell T Davies new series of Doctor Who, these highly collectable giclee limited edition prints include a full colour redesign of the iconic Daleks, detailed early sketches of the Emperor Dalek, the redesigned Doctors handy Sonic Screwdriver from the 2005 series, the TARDIS paradox machine and a full colour concept of the exterior Titanic as seen in the 2007 Christmas Special 'Voyage of the Damned' featuring Kylie Minogue.

Each print is guaranteed to endure time travel and, like the series, consideration has gone into every detail of the printing and packaging. Of archival quality and preserved in a delicate fine tissue of Gallifreyan text, these special prints are beautifully presented in a bespoke box and mounted ready for framing.

Each limited edition print is numbered and signed by the concept artist and production designer working on the new series of Doctor Who and includes a certificate of authenticity.

Prints are available to purchase online at www.departmentsix.com and prices start at £120.