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Friday, 4 July 2008

Starships and Spacestations - Review

We gave copies of Shahnaz, Simran and Aneesah at Lordswood Girls' School & Media Arts Centre, Birmingham copies of Justin Richards' latest factual Doctor Who book, Starships and Spacestations, to review. Here's what they had to say:

"The Doctor Who book was interesting because even though Doctor Who is fiction, the information is presented as non fiction. The images were good because they illustrate the text and show what episode each event happened in.

"The text is very detailed and gives clear descriptions of the starships and spaceships. We like the way this book manages to bring the new and old Doctor Who together in one book and also like the way that they have included all the characters and alien creatures from different episodes too.

"Its excellent variety of subjects, including alien encounters, spacecraft names, and episode accounts meant we couldn't put the book down. The colours of the book are good because they represent the Doctor Who theme.

"The photos are carefully chosen to paint the classic series in a favourable light, and the colours suit the area where a particular episode is set - which is shown in the images. The font is good because it is easy to read without any problems.

What is a shame is that the show's greatest spaceship, the TARDIS, only gets a fleeting mention at the end of the book - although maybe it deserves a book all of its own.

"We would recommend it to Doctor Who fans of all ages as it is one of the more memorable books by Justin Richards."

Thanks to Pamela Ashford for arranging the review.