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Monday, 21 July 2008

Daleks speak to all nations!

THE Daleks are taking over the world.

Fiendish cries of Exterminieren! Zgladzic! and Tuhotkaa! are being heard in Germany, Poland and Finland, respectively, as the Doctor Who phenomenon spreads across the Atlantic, Asia, Europe and beyond with numerous translations of the immortal killer line, Exterminate!

Latest figures for the show, shot on locations throughout Wales, reveals 42 countries around the globe have snapped up the rights to broadcast the huge TV hit, which is making the BBC millions of pounds in profit.

John Smith, chief executive officer of BBC Worldwide, which is the corporation’s commercial arm responsible for sales and distribution, told the Wales on Sunday the show was now classed as a “Superbrand”.

He said: “Doctor Who is a huge success story here in the UK, not just on screen but across toys, DVDs, magazines and books, which fans of Doctor Who buy to extend their enjoyment of the show.

“We already sell the TV programme to other broadcasters around the world very widely and now we want to extend that success into other formats abroad too.
“To that end, Doctor Who will become one of a small number of ‘Superbrands’ for BBC Worldwide.
“We’ll be investing in these shows and the merchandise linked to them, also giving them more marketing support to raise their profile internationally, much like US studios do with, say, Heroes or Ugly Betty.
“I believe these Superbrands will be crucial in helping us take the BBC even more successfully to international audiences.”

There is already evidence of an international commercial impact coming full circle, with visitors to the three Doctor Who exhibitions in the UK continuing to pour in.

At the Red Dragon Centre in Cardiff Bay, an average of 8,000 people a month visited the Doctor Who Exhibition in 2007.

Caroline Sims is marketing manager at the four-star Park Plaza Hotel in Greyfriars Road, Cardiff, which sells Doctor Who packages.

She said: “We are getting more and more bookings with more from European tourists. As for Cardiff’s profile, the city could not have asked for a better marketing tool.

“The locations shot in the show have become iconic landmarks fans now look for.”