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Monday, 21 July 2008

'Ello 'ello 'ello once again for the police box?

IT was once a familiar sight on the streets of Britain - although these days it's best-known as the preferred mode of transport for Doctor Who.

But if a Boscombe councillor has his way, Bournemouth could see the return of the traditional Tardis-style blue police telephone box.

Toy replicas of the police boxes can be found in practically every young boy's bedroom in the country, thanks to the success of David Tennant as the Doctor on Saturday nights.

But even when the show began in the 1960s, the boxes were becoming a rare sight on British streets.

Now Cllr Phil Stanley-Watts is calling for them to be brought back to help tackle crime in Boscombe.

It is part of his wider call for more police community support officers on the streets of Boscombe to deter criminals and make the public feel safer.

Cllr Stanley-Watts recently met with Boscombe Inspector Mark Kelly to discuss some of his ideas.

He said: "Apparently there is a shortage of PCSOs. There should be more of a police presence on Boscombe seafront as a precaution in the summer.

"As far as a blue police box goes, I will be pushing for that. I think it is a good idea to have an updated version of the blue police box because people would feel safer," he said.

The traditional blue police box could be used to report crimes as well as providing reassurance, he added.