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Sunday, 31 August 2008

New Rani Interviewed

On the SFX website, they have posted an interview with Anjli Mohindra, who plays Rani Chandra, in Series 2 of the Sarah Jane Adventures. She will be taking over from Yasmin Paige, who has left to do her GCSEs.  At the end of the first story, the Jackson family will be moving from the house, and the Chandra family will move in. Here is a bit of the interview:
On joining the cast:
“It’s been really great, because sometimes when you come into a show everyone’s already all tight in a performed group and you feel a bit intimidated but absolutely not at all. I completely feel part of the team, and it’s just fantastic coming into a group of mates that are already formed but welcome other people in as friends.”

On when her character joins the series:
“Fairly near the start, after saying farewell to the third sidekick, I kind of have a bit of a nosey into the lives of the world-saving team and kind of butt my way in!”
You can view the full interview here!
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