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Monday, 1 September 2008

David Tennant - Olympic Flame Lighter Petition

A petition has been made, which allows you to sign a petition towards David Tennant lighting the Olympic flame at the Olympics in London, in 2012. In Fear Her, he was to show his companion, Rose Tyler, the 2012 Olympics, but ended up lighting the Olympic flame himself. The makers of the petition would like to give him this offer for real. You can sign and view the petition here! Sign it!!! Wouldn't it be fantastic if this actually happened? What do you think?
Please Comment! Thanks!


Patar said...


Anonymous said...

Wont happen, no matter how many people sign the petition. 2012 is a long way and Doctor wont return for a full series until 2010. Even then its highly likely to be David Tennant's final series; if he is still there then and hasn't handed over to whoever will play the Eleventh Doctor in the specials.

I really cannot see them bringing back the 'Tenth Doctor' do light the flame when the 'Eleventh Doctor' will, in all likelyhood, be at the TARDIS helm.

adv said...

That's true, but still! It was a good try!

Zobles said...

Cool post, but I doubt David Tennant would get to light the flame but I would like him to.