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Thursday, 18 September 2008

Another Doctor?

You've probably realised by now that anything with a '?' in the title, will most likely be a new rumour from the Sun! They're at it again, with a new report on the Christmas Special, giving away the title, and talking about David Morrissey's version of the Doctor. According to the Sun, as the 'real' Doctor arrives in Victorian England, he is about to help someone in need, but then this 'new Doctor' comes in just before him to save the day. 
“The Doctor says: ‘Who are you?’ The man says, ‘I’m the Doctor!’ The Doctor becomes his companion. There will be a beautiful woman too, of course, but really it’s the Doctor paired with a new Doctor.”
Isn't this just a little bit soon after the two Doctors at the end of last series? The title they gave for the special is 'The Next Doctor'. Of course, this is awful, and probably untrue again. In the same article it said that when Steven Moffat gets hold of the show in 2010, he would make it 'sexier', and that Kate Winslet turned turned down the role of the Doctor's wife last series! You can read the full article here, but be warned that these are rumours, and nothing has been confirmed!
Update: This rumour has now been confirmed as true, and you can read about that here!
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