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Friday, 19 September 2008

Series 4 Soundtrack

Silva Screen Records have now confirmed the release of a new Doctor Who soundtrack! Rumours had been spreading round Who Forums lately, and now it is confirmed. It is the third soundtrack since 2005, and will contain various scores and memorable pieces from the fourth series. The first soundtrack had the music from Series One and Series 2, with pieces like the emotional Doomsday, to the sparky, Christmassy Song for Ten. The second soundtrack was out in November last year. It had music from Series 3, and included the fantastic The Doctor Forever, This is Gallifrey, the thrilling All the Strange Strange Creatures, as well as Voyage of the Damned's The Stowaway. Originally, the album was going to be combined with the Series 3 one, but there was such high demand for it last year, so they decided to make two. No exact details on the album have yet been released, but we're sure that the track list will be out very soon. We do know two tunes on it, from the cover. One will be Song for Freedom, the music in which we heard when the Tardis was pulling the Earth back into orbit at the end of Journey's End, and briefly in Planet of the Ood. The other will be a new version of The Doctor's Theme. This new version was heard at the Prom. It had a slightly different style to it, heard partly in Turn Left. The second half of the track will be the music we heard when the Doctor was running to save River Song, at the end of Forest of the Dead. Song for Freedom was a massive hit at July's Doctor Who Prom. The album is due out in November, and you can see the great cover for it below! The cover features a promotional picture of the Doctor and Donna running, with higher contrast, and new blue colours. All the music on the album is written by Murray Gold, played by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales, and conducted by Ben Foster. What do you think of this new news, and do you like the cover?
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TOCS said...

It's a great cover, I'll be getting it.


adv said...

Definitely, I literally can't wait!!!