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Saturday, 20 September 2008

New Drama Merlin Starts Tonight

The first episode of the new drama from the BBC, Merlin, will be airing tonight across the UK on BBC One. The new programme will also be from BBC Wales, like Doctor Who. It is designed to be like Doctor Who and Robin Hood, fitting into the Saturday evening slot, at around 7pm. It stars many actors/actresses that have also played parts in past episodes of Doctor Who. The lead role, Merlin, is played by Colin Morgan, who also played Jethro in the Series 4 episode, Midnight. Other Who-related stars include Richard Wilson as Gaius, better known in who-world as Doctor Constantine, from the two-parter from Series 1, The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances. Anthony Head as Uther Pentragon (Arthur's Father), who played the headmaster Mr. Finch in Series 2 episode, School Reunion. Eve Myles as Mary Collins, who plays Gwen Cooper in Torchwood, and recently, Doctor Who. In Doctor Who, she appeared in the episodes The Stolen Earth and Journey's End. Plus Angel Coulby as Guinevere (Gwen), who played Katherine in The Girl in the Fireplace. Julie Gardner, an executive producer on Doctor Who, who is leaving, takes on the same role in Merlin as well. CGI special effects for the series were provided by The Mill, which had also worked on Doctor Who and its spin-offs. The first episode of the thirteen part run of Merlin will be on tonight at 7:30pm, on BBC One. Will you be watching?
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