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Monday, 22 September 2008

Bon Anniversaire Billie!

Sorry about the French title, as I wanted the name of the post slightly different here, rather than 'Happy Birthday Billie!' or like. I you can read French, then you'll probably have realised that today, the twenty-second of September, is a very special day for Doctor Who actress, Billie Piper! She has starred as Rose Tyler in thirty episodes of Doctor Who, the earliest being in the first episode of Series 1, Rose, and the latest being Journey's End. Today marks her twenty-sixth anniversary after she was born. Billie had started of in the singing industry, but has moved on to many other TV programmes, films and plays. Recently she has starred in the adapted version of a Secret Diary of a Call Girl, but be warned young ones, as it does contain lots of adult material. She has grown a lot in the world recently, and is becoming a lot more well-known. Here at adventures through time and space, we would like to wish Billie a very happy birthday, and hope to see more of her in the future!
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Redevil 987 said...

Happy bithday billie! (i like the use of french in title, lol)

adv said...

Merci, mon ami!