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Monday, 22 September 2008

The Scene That Was DELETED!

In Russell T. Davies' new book, The Writer's Tale, there is another exclusive bit, which talks about the deleted scene that could have appeared at the end of last season's Journey's End! You can see two pictures from the book below, showing two pictures, one looks like a screencap, and the other, a behind-the-scenes photo. Both have the Doctor in the Tardis, presumably at the end of last season, maybe staring at the Tardis viewscreen? With two plain Cybermen standing behind him. It would have been the usual end-of-season lead into the Christmas Special, but this year deemed unsuitable by the production team, despite everyone knowing that the metal menaces were going to be in it long beforehand. We still don't know the exact reason why they did not put it in. but don't worry, as we'll still see it, as the scene will be included in the Series 4 Box-set, out in November, but the Christmas Special might not have the scene at all on Xmas day. See the pictures below;
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