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Saturday, 20 September 2008

Canada Starts Series 4

The picture above was made by me

The fourth series of Doctor Who has now started airing in Canada! Last night saw the return of the fabulous Donna Noble, and saw the cute cuddly Adipose, in the first episode of series four, Partners in Crime. Voyage of the Damned has not yet been broadcast, and it is unknown at this stage whether or not it will be in the near future. The broadcasting channel is CBC, and you can visit their Canadian Doctor Who website here! All episodes will be broadcast on Fridays, and so next Friday evening, The Fires of Pompeii will be broadcasting to all of you Canadians out there. The next Friday after that will be Planet of the Ood and so on, if there isn't any change in scheduling times.
In other news, Russell T. Davies has stated that if there ever is going to be a Doctor Who movie, he would return writing for the show again! You can read more about this story here.
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