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Sunday, 21 September 2008

No More Sarah Jane on Sundays

The picture above was made by me

The BBC have now unfortunately decided to stop all repeats of the Sarah Jane Adventures on BBC One. It was announced not long ago that BBC One would be repeating the whole of Series 1, starting from Revenge of the Slitheen, on Sundays. They were having a double-bill of each story a week, but they've stopped them to make way for the repeat of BBC's New Drama, Merlin (see earlier post). Today's episode would have been the fourth story of series 1, Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane? but it no longer on. This seems strange that they are stopping it, as they were using this to build up to the start of Series 2, which will begin on 29th September, but, so it seems, Merlin is more important now. This hasn't stopped all repeats, as some are showing on CBBC next Saturday morning. If there are any further details regarding the matter, it will be posted. So, no episodes will be broadcast this afternoon. Sorry to those who were looking forward to it!
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