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Saturday, 13 September 2008

Dalek Encounter Model Kit

A new Airfix kit will be coming out soon, following the 'Welcome Aboard!' one, which featured the Doctor and Martha standing outside an open Tardis. The set is named 'Dalek Encounter', and features two Daleks, and open-cased Dalek Sec, and another from the Cult of Skaro. It has a background from the Cult's secret lair, underneath the Empire State Building, from Daleks in Manhattan/Evolution of the Daleks. As with the last set, you will have to construct the model and paint it yourself. You might need some parent help if you're not good at DIY stuff! All paint and models are included. The set is due out on 20th October 2008, at the RRP price of £24.99. You can pre-order the item for £21.99 here. You can see the box cover to the left, and some pictures of the set without paint below. What do you think of this new set?
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Brad said...

I really want this! I'll be buying this soon.