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Saturday, 13 September 2008

Daleks, Tardis, Cyberman & K9 Air Fresheners

The picture above was made by me

Some Dalek and K9 Air Fresheners have been released lately. The models are of a normal Dalek, Dalek Sec, the Tardis, a Cyberman head and K9, and you can see all five of them in the above picture. All of them have an RRP price of £4.99. You can buy the Tardis one here, Dalek Sec here, the Cyberman head here, normal Dalek here and the K9 one here. They are all made of plastic, and are wrapped in blister packaging. Will you buy these air fresheners?
Please Comment! Thanks!


Brad said...

these airfreshners look good. Will be needing them when some people come round - only joking lol! Cool post. My faviroute is the Cybermen.

adv said...

Yeah, they look good, but do they smell like normal cheap ones? :)

Tovi said...

Thanks for writing this.