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Wednesday, 24 September 2008

A Return For The Trickster And Other SJA News

News from the Radio Times, that was out yesterday, has nearly confirmed the return of one of the more popular villians from last series of The Sarah Jane Adventures, back into the second series. Radio Times had a special feature for the second series, with a two page spread, with a behind the scenes look at Sarah Jane's attic. On one of the features, it talked about the 'Trickster's Cube'. It said that it would light up again this series, to give a warning that it may be out to seek revenge. The Trickster featured in one story last year, Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane? and managed to zap Sarah Jane out of existence, so that another could live while she died, causing chaos. Also with a little help from the Graske, they nearly let a falling meteorite fall on the Earth, destroying it. After that story, he used one of his brigade, the Time Beetle, to do the same with the Doctor in Donna's parallel world, in Turn Left. We don't know yet whether he will feature this series, or if it's a warning at the end for next series (if there is one), and whether the Graske will be helping him.
Also from the special feature in RT, we know that in the fifth story, Sarah Jane will travel back in time to see her parents, Barbara and Eddie Smith, who died in 1951. That story will be called The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith.
In the fourth story, something will happen to do with a mysterious silver tin, Mr. Smith will have a different 'logo' on his screen, and K9 is actually defending the planet from a black hole from the scientists in Switzerland, also known as CERN, with their Large Hadron Collider experiment. News recently has been released that they've had to bring the experiment to a halt, because of magnet problems, and is now postponed until Spring 2009!
You can view scans of the two pages from the Radio Times here and here!
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