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Thursday, 25 September 2008

What's Out On The 25th?

Quite a few items have been released today, so you can read about each one below;

The Writer's Tale
Russell T. Davies' new book which will contain an in-depth look at the new series of Doctor Who. It will have such features like script pages, personal notes, never-before-seen photos and artwork with behind-the-scenes information. This book will be a tribute to Russell's leaving from the show. Helping him to write it, and interviews with him, is Benjamin Cook, quite well known in the Doctor Who world for reviews, previews and general Who writing, with many sources, including Doctor Who Magazine and the Radio Times. The hardback book is out today at the RRP price of £29.99, and will contain 512 pages. You can read more about the book, with a few page previews here, in an earlier post.

Dalek Pop-Up Model Kit
After the first two successful model kits beforehand, Penguin Books are releasing another model kit, this time where you can build your own Dalek! And without any need of scissors or glue! The kit will go on sale at the RRP price of £12.99!

Quiz Book 4
This is the 4th quiz book since 2005, which features many questions on the fourth series of Doctor Who. The paperback book has 96 pages and will be sold at the RRP price of £4.99! If you don't want to spend your money on this, but still want it, it will probably come free again with Doctor Who Adventures sometime next year, just like it did with the last three.

Space Travels
If you enjoyed last year's book, Time Travels, I'm sure you'd love this! Just the same as last year. 32 pages. Hardback. Lots of fun things to lift, turn, take out and stuff!!!  This fun book is being released by Penguin Books at the RRP price of £17.99, and will contain thirty-two highly colourful pages!
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