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Monday, 1 September 2008

Series 4 Box Set - Exclusive Postcards

When ordered off Play.com, the Series 4 box set will come with five exclusive postcards. All the postcards are exclusive to Play.com, and the pictures are various promo pictures including The Doctor and his companions, Red Dalek with Gold Daleks and Davros. To the left is the picture of the original box set, with the five postcards. It is unknown at this time whether other stores like Amazon and Woolworths will have exclusive covers for the set. You can view the hmv cover in mini form here! You can order the box set with the cards, at Play.com here! Will you be getting this version?
Please Comment! Thanks!


Zobles said...

Cool post I wont be getting this version but I like the postcards. I will hopefully get the HMV exclusive.

adv said...

Ooo, yes! I like that cover a lot more!