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Friday, 5 September 2008

SJA - Series 2 Cinema Trailer

The picture above was made by me
A new trailer, promoting the second series of The Sarah Jane Adventures has been released, and is, at this time, being shown around cinemas around the country. This has been done after the trailer for the fourth series of Doctor Who aired at cinemas in February. The trailer is 1 minute 29 seconds long, and shows many new clips from the new series, one of the main being Clyde deciding whether to go into 13 Bannerman Road again, to face all the monsters and creatures that lie within,  or to take a chance, and back away from all the danger. You can view this trailer on the BBC's Sarah Jane Adventures website here, but will only be viewable to those who live in the UK area. The trailer will probably soon be posted on YouTube, or some other site, and I will try to get it onto the site for those non-UK viewers! What do you think of the new trailer?
Update: You can now watch the trailer below. If there is a better quality one, that will be up in the same place soon.

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TOCS said...

A very good trailer, well done for finding it!