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Friday, 5 September 2008

Doctor Who DVD Files

It's getting close to the end of Battles in Time, with only eight issues left, so the makers of the magazine, GE Fabbri, have come up with a new magazine to take its place. The new magazine will be called the Doctor Who DVD Files, which will have a DVD in each issue out fortnightly, with two episodes on each. The DVDs will start from the episode Rose, the first episode of Series 1, and will presumably go to the latest episode, when it finishes. As a test just like they did with Battles in Time, it will only go on sale in the Tyne area of England. If it is successful, then it will be made avaliable to the whole of the United Kingdom. If it does go on sale here, the magazine will come out every two weeks, each costing £6.99. The first issue, to gather attention, will be sold at £1.99. If you suscribe to it, you will instead get each issue for one pound less, £5.99. At the moment, the makers say that there are 28 issues planned, and you can buy back issues of the website. Inside the magazine, there will be many fact files, information, behind the scenes extras and even classic series stuff! There will also be episode guides, for the same episodes on the DVD with the magazine. The official website for the magazine has been put up, and you can view that here.
Below you can see the first four magazine covers of the set, and below that are a few sneak previews of some of the pages of the first issue:
What do you think of this new magazine? Will you be buying it?
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Paula said...

I have most of the series DVDs already so I doubt I will buy it. Saying that I may change my mind if the content is good. I have been looking online for some Dr Who Christmas ideas and I found some really cool gifts at Forbidden Planet. Check it out if you get time, it is well worth a look.

Anonymous said...

i started buying the files from WHSmiths. got to about issue five and can't get it anymore cause you need to pre order it which entails paying for three issues in advance and how on earth can I justify paying out twenty odd quid on a magazine this close to christmas. Ive got four young children so I thought the files would be a good way to replenish my stolen dvds without having to pull the full boxset amounts out. If I have to pay twenty odd quid for three issues I may as well put just less than a tenner to it and buy a box set at £30

Anonymous said...

by arthur
I think doctor who dvd files is brilliant and I colct them.

Anonymous said...

i think the dvd files are great.i espically like ihe allie and enemy files

Anonymous said...

For those people out there who've been led to believe that the Doctor DVD Files collection ends at 28, Oh Dear! it doesn't.

Fortunately I subscribe to it through my local newsagent for only £10 deposit, when it originally started.

I am looking forward to picking up issue 31, yes 31 in 2 weeks time.
What the magazine publisher's are failing to tell anyone is, is just how many DVD's + magazines is it going to run to?

I have one greivance through! The dwfiles.com website hasn't been up-dated in weeks, i.e. it hasn't been up-dated since the midnight episode on series 4, wallpaper wise that is.

Not impressed!